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What is a sifter machine?

The machine which is used to separate unwanted elements from the wanted material or for the purpose of characterizing the different size of particles from a wanted sample is called sifter machine. The machine typically uses a woven screen such as mash, metal, or a net. The word of sifting from the sifter machine is derived from the word “sieve”.

The common use of this type of machine is done in the cooking. The sifter machine is used to separate and break down the clumps, which are mostly formed in dry ingredients such as flour. This machine also helps to aerate and combine the dry ingredients. A similar tool, called strainer, is also the same type of sieve, which is used to separate solids from the liquid.

There are different applications of sifter machines in various sectors. Let’s mention them in points to get a clear picture:

1: In the industrial sector, the sifter or strainer machines are largely used for separating the raw materials according to their sizes and quality.

2: In sieving, the sifter machines play their role in many sectors, such as catering, baking, and such others.

3: The wooden mesh sifter, which is normally made from wood or wicker is used to avoid contamination when cast-off in sampling.

4: A different type of sifter is also used in a sieve analysis, which is also called a graduation test. It is a producer used in civil engineering or sedimentology to assess the size of particles being distributed of a granular material.


The sifter machines serve a lot of benefits to households as well as on a larger scale the industries also. These machines serve various purposes and can be utilized in obtaining a number of different tasks. These are not so technical and can be operated by normal humans by once understanding its mechanism.